My Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon Memories

With the passing of Jerry Lewis this weekend, I thought it was a good time to reblog this post. My thoughts go out to JL and his family as well as my telethon family.

The Journey of Jessica


It’s been 4 years since I worked on The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day telethon… Well, technically 5 years since my last show without Jerry.

And even though I’m still in Sydney, being that today is Labor Day in the US, it feels strange to not be awake for 24+ hours.

The first year I wrote on the telethon, an unknown contestant on a brand new show was singing in the parking lot next to our production trailer at CBS Radford. Her name: Kelly Clarkson.

I then went on to write the telethon for 10 years.

And I was still one of the new kids.

Many people had worked on the show for decades upon decades. For some it was their remaining connection to Hollywood, for many it was their passion project and for others it was their family. Literally and figuratively. Wives worked alongside husbands and their kids.


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