Happy 15 Year Anniversary Los Angeles! Love, Me



Yesterday was my 15th year living in LA. I’m not sure what Los Angeles is getting me for our 15 year anniversary, though traditionally I guess it’s supposed to be crystal. But with the crazy, stress-inducing, up and down relationship LA and I have had, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘ol city of angels shows up with a lap dance from some chick named Crystal, winks and says, “this is what you wanted, right?”

When I first moved out here, I had one goal: to be staffed on a sit-com.

Throughout all of my career highs and lows, I have yet to achieve this dream. But I have also gained, learned, lost and achieved much more than I could ever have  imagine.

I moved from New York, 2 short months after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, knowing no one in LA, having no income… just an unpaid internship on a tv show.

It did not take long to make friends, find a cocktail waitressing job and get fired from the unpaid internship… and eventually get fired from the cocktail waitressing job.

For someone who had never been fired from a job in her life, this was quite a slap in the face. Over the course of these 15 years, LA has  delivered  many face slaps, face plants and facebook posts.

I have….

Waited tables at s pizza place

Taken and passed improv classes

Taken and failed improv classes

Taught comedy to pre-teens

Performed comedy on television, with famous comedians, in front of one audience member, at world famous comedy clubs, at bars, in the back of bars, at video rental stores, in Chinese restaurants, at festivals, at fundraisers, at a mayor’s house, at open mics, alongside friends, on shows I’ve produced, and on bringer shows

As an assistant for numerous producers, writers and directors I’ve found one a dog acupuncturist, purchased and applied one’s spray on hair, removed and reapplied one’s chest bandages, lied to a rabbi, listened to one tell me, “you’re lucky you’re overweight, it makes you look so much younger,” worked from 9 in the morning until 3 in the morning, been called, “Jennifer,” been overlooked for promotions, and learned a whole lot.

I have…
Sold sandwiches office to office out of a rolling cooler

Made some incredible friends

Been screwed over by people I thought were incredible friends.

Voiced an animated character on TV

Wrote monologues that were published.

Wrote scripts that aired on tv

Wrote scripts that were produced in a theater

Wrote scripts that never left my computer

Wrote scripts that won awards

Wrote scripts that were complete crap.

Wrote live to camera

Wrote for a slew of websites

Wrote for legends

Wrote for Muppets

Lived with a roommate

Lived by myself

Found my permanent roommate

Bought a house
…Made it a home

Dated some fun guys

Dated some not-so-fun guys
Had my heart broken

Broken some hearts

Met and married the most fun guy who has a piece of my heart.
…The rest of my heart is divided between the two most wonderful, crazy, silly girls who I grew and was willing to give up sushi and Diet Coke for as I did.

Been with my family when we have felt incredible loss as well as when we have gained some incredible new members.

Traveled to The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Hawaii, New Zealand, Austin, Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Florida, Las Vegas, New York, Minnesota

LIVED in Australia. Australia!!!

Celebrated holidays with friends in LA,

Celebrated holidays with family in LA

Attended numerous Dodger games wearing Mets gear.

Watched concerts at The Bowl and plays at The Pantages

Watched and cheered for many friends on tv shows, in movies and commercials

Walked 60 miles in 3 days for breast cancer research

Worked for and with people who are way smarter than I am.

Worked for and with people who are just plain mean

Worked for and with people who are good in every sense of the word

Sang A LOT of karaoke!

Been stuck in A LOT of traffic

Felt A LOT of self doubt

Survived Friendster, Myspace, Facebook and my own blog.

Started my own business

Started my own family

So, LA… I’ve loved you, I’ve hated you, I’ve been so incredibly angry with you and laughed at and with you…

It’s been quite a crazy 15 year journey… and here we are. People are reading this post while my boob is in my 2 month old daughter’s mouth. Who would have thought THAT’S where we’d all be?


(Pictures are not in chronological order and are just what I had on my computer… enjoy)



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DSC04569 (1)drama_queen copy


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FullSizeRender (17)





unnamed (6)



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