My Script Analysis Services

After years working as a professional writer, in TV development, and doing punch-up for studios, I’m starting a script analysis biz

Let me know if you have a script (or treatment or outline, etc.) you want me to take a look at.

And please share this  with others who would be interested in my services!





  • Have you written a script and are looking for honest feedback?

  • Do you want to apply to a writing contest but want some input before submitting?

  • Are you sick of calling in favors from your friends to read and reread your spec, pilot or screenplay?

I’m here to help!

We can do everything over email where I will give you in-depth notes on what is working and what isn’t. I will go over everything from story to characters to structure, focusing on overall feedback as well as specific page notes.

And if you would like to discuss things further, we can also set up a phone call/Skype session.

Plus, you don’t have to send a full script. If you have a treatment you want to work on, I can take a look. Or if you want to know if you are on the right track, submit your first 10 pages.

***RECEIVE $10 OFF your first service throughout the rest of March and the entire month of April!***

  • First 10-pages:$35

  • Treatment (up to 10 pages): $50

  • Beat Sheet/Outline (up to 15 pages): $75

  • Half-Hour Spec/Pilot: $125

  • Hour-Long Spec/Pilot: $175

  • Screenplay (up to 120 pages): $250

        Any pages above 120 add’l $2/page

  • Additional Skype/Phone Call: $50 for up to one hour

We can also discuss rates for play, sketches, reviewing rewrites, etc.

Jessica Glassberg is an award-winning writer and stand-up comedian who has delivered analysis, rewrites and punch-up on film and television scripts for Universal Pictures, ABC, Disney and Nickelodeon. She is a member of the WGAw and the prestigious Women in Film organization who has worked in TV development for Carsey-Werner-Mandabach and Jeff Margolis Productions. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Dramatic and Creative Writing, she intensively studied proper structure, creating her own voice and the development of story and characters.

On the creative side, Glassberg was the head writer on The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon for ten years. She also performed standup on the nationally syndicated show five times. She has written on Zeke and Luther, for Disney XD, A Hollywood Christmas at The Grove for EXTRA, and The Screen Actors Guild Awards, where her jokes were highlighted on E!’s The Soup,, and Most recently, Glassberg wrote, directed and appeared in the sold-out premiere of the interactive theatrical production, Ben and Becca’s Totally Retro B’nai Mitzvah. Additionally, Jessica’s original monologues have been published by The Hal Leonard Corporation in the Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny, series for Women, Men, Teens and Kids.

All inquiries and submissions (in PDF) should be sent to:

Payment can be made through the Cash App:

***While you are not required to register your treatment, script, etc. prior to submitting it to me, and I of course have no intention whatsoever of stealing any of your ideas, I do recommend registering  everything before sending it to anyone.
(NOTE: you do not need to be a WGA member to register your script with them).

Let’s work together to help make your script the best it can be!

You can check out my analysis site HERE.


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