The Good, The Bad and The Stupid (Spoiler Alert… I’m The Stupid)

This morning, I received a text AND an email from my credit card company asking me about a purchase I had made that morning.

It was 7AM. So, unless I was sleep-spending, the random purchase at Amber Rosales, was not mine.

FullSizeRender (9)

My credit card was then canceled and I googled, “Amber Rosales.” The only thing I could find was that someone with that name was on an MTV reality show, “Big Tips  Texas.” She has been described as, “a barmaid who has a rabble-rousing alter-ego she calls, Sexy Kitten.” Now, I don’t know if “Sexy Kitten,” has some kind of personalized pay-website, or if this purchase has nothing to do with the reality star, but the whole thing was irritating.

This isn’t the first unauthorized purchase my credit card has seen, but every time I wonder… “How did someone get my card number?” “Why MY card number?” ” Will they try again?” “Have I met this person?”

After the card canceling, I went about my day and ended it with dinner at The Counter with Husband and Little Moo. I pulled my wallet out my backpack and paid with a different credit card.

We then headed a few blocks away back to our car. About half-way there, The Moo decided she wanted to chase Husband and wanted me to chase her. After about a block, we all felt the realities of an evening jog with bellies full of burgers, fries and milkshakes.

After returning home and getting The Moo into bed, I went to purchase tickets to a Sunday showing of, “The Peanuts Movie,” for the fam.

It was then that I realized my wallet was missing.

It wasn’t in my backpack.

It wasn’t in any room I’d walked into since being home.

It wasn’t in my car, the floor, the garage, in a box or with a fox.

I called, “The Counter.” It wasn’t there.

I couldn’t believe it. Literally. I headed over to investigate.

My first reaction was that I must have left it on the table and someone must have taken it.

The manager watched the security video and said that the footage showed that I put it back into my bag.


I retraced my steps. Looked under the car currently in the parking spot where my car had been. I asked Husband to look through the backpack again. To look in every room. To look in the garage.

It was nowhere.

I started thinking about how long it would take to get a new license. Can I just order it online? Do I have to go to the DMV? Will I have to take a new picture? Seriously… Do I HAVE to go to the DMV?

How much cash did I have in there?

I had a floss card in there. It’s a business card from my former dentist in NY that has dental floss in it! It’s the GREATEST!

Oh and great pair of earrings that I left in there. Damn.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I then took to walking into the open businesses I passed between The Counter and the car.

– Coffee Bean didn’t have it.

– Chevy’s didn’t have it.

– Timmy Nolan’s… the bar where Husband and I had our first date… HAD IT!

Someone found it on the street and turned it in!

Obviously in the few feet I decided to exert any amount of energy was where my wallet leapt from  my bag.

My license, all still functioning credit cards, random receipts, business cards that I never remember to give out and all of my cash were STILL there.

There ARE good people out there!


More to come,



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