F You, Jet lag!

I promise… I will be going through our New Zealand pictures and remaining Australia pictures and will get more posts up soon…

But right now, I only have the strength and brain capacity to give jet lag the middle finger.

Actually, since I look completely… well… jet lagged, I’ll have Beyoncé give the finger for me.


F you, jet lag!

F you for keeping Little Moo up after midnight.

F you for making me exhausted at 2PM, but feel wide awake at 2AM.

F you for the dehydration/bloated combo super power.

F you for forcing no one to buy my pilot scripts. (I can only assume that this is due to jet lag and not my lack of talent, any form of sexism or just not having someone in this G-d forsaken town believe in me.)

F you for the mind-numbing headaches.


Ok, off to bed… where I will be unable to turn my brain off while feeling overwhelmingly anxious about my station in life, as I brainstorm writing ideas which will be forgotten by morning and most importantly… not sleep.

More to come,



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