CMU in AU (Carnegie Mellon in Australia)

When Husband and I first found out we’d be heading to Sydney, Australia for two and a half months, one of my concerns was that I wouldn’t know anyone. Sure, neither would he, but he would be in an office environment where he would HAVE to interact with people.

And as much as I love chatting it up with Little Moo, I wanted to make sure I had some adult conversations as well. Not adult, like talking about booze and sex… or… well… not exclusively about those topics.

So when I put the word out on Facebook… that we would be in Sydney, the outpouring of support from people I knew, friends of friends or people who knew people who knew people was astounding.

And sure enough, a few Carnegie Mellon alumns who graduated around the time I did, got in touch with me and helped to make my family and me feel welcome in a place where we (thought) we knew no one.

We met some for dinner…

11742982_10152906219222016_65648455875808339_n 11954802_10152979260147016_8884515572075100438_n

Alex became The Moo’s boyfriend. And any time we headed back to Via Napoli (a place he recommended), The Moo asked if Alex was joining us and was outrageously upset when he wasn’t.

We wish we could have spent more time with Keshira and Tim, but it was great grabbing a bite, catching up and trying to figure out how we actually knew each other. (The closest we came was that they were good friends with the ex-girlfriend of one of my ex-boyfriends… no, we weren’t dating him at the same time.)


…And one for brunch.

11667274_10152890532382016_3214973868656020557_nIMG_8556 IMG_8540 IMG_8541 IMG_8542 IMG_8543

Is there a better way to reconnect than over food?

The answer is no. There isn’t. Don’t try to pretend there’s any better way. You would be wrong.

Little Moo and I ended up having brunch with Margo and her daughter once a week, almost every week for 2 months. Man, are we going to miss THAT routine!

We even worked on a comedy project together over those many cocktails, err… I mean, meals.

We’ll be letting you know more about that soon.

The Tartan (yes, our school is represented by a piece of fabric) re-connections were so wonderful and truly made our trip down under, down right wonderful.

I hope to stay in touch and please do let me know if/when you all make it to Los Angeles.

More to come,



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