Featherdale Wildlife Park and Scenic World

Ok… yes… my parents left a few weeks ago and I’m still posting about all of the cool stuff we did.

But in my defense, we did a LOT of cool stuff!

It was so much fun to spend the day together checking out Featherdale Wildlife Park and Scenic World in the Blue Mountains.

Once we found out we were going to be heading to Sydney, Featherdale was one of the first places we put on our list of “MUST-DOs.”

We’d been to The Tarongo Zoo. And it was great. Don’t get me wrong.
But were we able to hand feed wallabies and kangaroos?
Were we able to get up close to the koalas and touch their tushies?
Hold and kiss and Skink?
Did we see a Tasmanian Devil?
A Wombat?
An Echidna?

No… no… no… no… no… no and no.

But Featherdale… it’s what they do! Especially the koala butt thing… who knew kolas were into that?

And apparently we liked it too.

We arrived at Featherdale not long after it opened at 9:30am and stayed until about noon. We had planned to stay until 1, but we felt like we really got to see everything. After driving to The Blue Mountains (and stopping to buy the fixins for sandwiches because I stupidly left the ones we took the time to make the night before in the fridge), we spent the second half of the day at Scenic World and wrapped up by closing time at 5.

DSC_2499IMG_0434 DSC_2506

DSC_2513 DSC_2533 IMG_0449 IMG_0441 IMG_0439 DSC_2516

The Moo got to feed the wallabies and kangaroos out of ice cream cones! What could be cuter?!?!

DSC_2553 IMG_0479ps

Per their request… there goes The Moo… “Looking for some Tush.”

IMG_0476ps DSC_2580 DSC_2576 IMG_0475 DSC_2567 DSC_2564


Who are you looking at?

DSC_2545 IMG_0461

Little Moo: The Skink Handler

IMG_048220150822_101736 IMG_0505 20150822_101738 THE ROO AND THE MOO

You guys… they’re holding hands!

If the ‘roo dropped some of his food, she’d calmly pet him and say, “It’s ok, buddy.”


IMG_0494ps DSC_2620 IMG_0489ps DSC_2617



It’s a Wombat, Man!


Fortunately, the dingo did not eat our baby.

Unfortunately, we did make that reference multiple times (with terrible accents.)

Australia… we are sorry.

IMG_0526 DSC_2708

DSC_2648 IMG_0550

Looks like a cute little devil, right? We saw one of the handlers go in to feed him and have to kick him away and use that rake to prevent him from eating all of her toes.


DSC_2673 IMG_0544 DSC_2668 It’s an echidna. Americans, don’t pretend you knew that.

IMG_0529   IMG_0523

DSC_2691 20150822_112606

After a few snuggles at the petting zoo we were off to Scenic World in The Blue Mountains.


We had a railway, cableway, and walkway in our future.


We started with the steepest passenger railway in the world.

IMG_0566 20150822_145205 20150822_145212


These are the three sisters at Echo Point, Katoomba.

According to Aboriginal legend, there were three sisters from one tribe in love with three brothers from another tribe, but were forbade marry. The families started a war and, as a way to protect the sisters from harm, a witch doctor turned the sisters to stone. The witch doctor had planned to turn the sisters back… but… oopsies, he didn’t make it through the war.

DSC_2732 DSC_272720150822_145913DSC_282520150822_16441520150822_164408DSC_280620150822_161701DSC_2781DSC_2780DSC_277820150822_15343520150822_152842DSC_2762

Cool stuff, right? I didn’t lie.

More to come.



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