The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

In addition to babysitting The Moo so that Husband and I could have a much needed date night, as a special gift from my parents during their visit, they also gave us a date DAY! And not only did it include babysitting services, they also bought us entry to the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.


On the day of the climb, Husband and I arrived early and at our 10:35 start time we were promptly given a breathalyzer test. I guess when you’re 134 meters above sea level you don’t want some Drunky McDrunkface demonstrating his belief that he can “Totally… seriously. Like, totally… fly. Just… wait… wait… hang on. You’re my best friend. I love you. I love this bridge. And I love to fly. Watch!”…or puking on the other climbers for that matter.

Then, we signed our lives away. While we would be connected to the bridge throughout the entire climb… we still had to sign a waiver.

They then equipped us with a a jump suit and climbing belt… and I totally fell for it when our guide told us that one of the pouches attached to our backs was a parachute… just in case.

It was a rain jacket.

After a brief training on how to maneuver while being latched on to the bridge, we were off to walk on a catwalk across the highway. No, we didn’t sashay nor shante. Though I did shake my little tush on the catwalk.

We then ascended ladders which passed right through lanes of traffic. And I was just hoping that the drivers had to take breathalyzers before beginning their journeys on the bridge.

The views were spectacular. Whether it’s the Sydney staple, The Opera House, or the incredible perspective of the cars passing by, it was hard to take it all in.

This is the path we took:

We had head sets to listen to our guide as she gave us insight into the bridge’s history and we continually stopped along the way for some photo ops.

815103505  815103522 815103523 815103524 815103525 815103547 815103548  815103560

We were not allowed to bring phones (or cameras, or food, or or anything that couldn’t be connected to our bodies.) So, we purchased the pics from the company. I thought it was a bit of a racket, but I guess they don’t want to be responsible when mid-selfie you drop your ipad on top of the people below. “Oopsies. My bad!”

While we were climbing, my parents and The Moo hiked up one of the bridge pylons and took some pics. We can pretend that’s Husband and me climbing… yeah… let’s say it is.

DSC_1621 DSC_1620 DSC_1594  DSC_1617    DSC_1611

All told, we walked 1,322 steps, or as our guide described it… we burned enough calories for 3 beers.

Cheers to that!

If you find yourself in Sydney, I can highly recommend making the investment and experiencing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. And if you can find someone else to make the investment for you… all the better :).

More to come,



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