It’s The Harbour, Darling

When planning out activities to do while my parents were in town, I knew I wanted to head to Darling Harbour.  They had a giant Ferris Wheel and I knew that would be special for The Moo to do with her Grandma and Papa.

See, my parents live down in Long Beach, and a short walk from their apartment is… an alien encounter site. No… a giant Ferris Wheel! Haven’t you been following along? It’s only been like three sentences.

Any time The Moo stays over at Grandma and Papa’s, they always go on the Ferris Wheel. And whenever we’re driving down there, she loses her mind with excitement at just seeing the circle of fun.

So, it was one of the first items added to the itinerary. Yes… I wrote and printed out an itinerary for my parents. Isn’t that totally normal?

After a bit of a delay due to a combination of my terrible sense of direction and the GPS’  inability to actual pin point where we were… we arrived.


DSC_1372DSC_138120150813_181639     DSC_1385IMG_9977IMG_998020150813_180923 DSC_138720150813_182554 20150813_182054 20150813_18231620150813_182324

After a wonderful, ride on the wheel, which included the ability to spin your individual car. (I got dizzy), we headed for The Chinese Garden of Friendship.

We had an unexpected detour at a little park… the truth was, The Moo spotted it and we knew a stop would be more fun than a tantrum.

20150813_184009 20150813_185202

Then it was off to the Garden… it was gorgeous and The Moo enjoyed wandering around the paths, checking out the beautiful plant life and local birds. She also claimed that each pavilion was her house and she loved welcoming us into each one and giving us a tour.

20150813_190606 DSC_1405


20150813_190847 20150813_191516 20150813_191531 20150813_191816 20150813_192008 20150813_192116
20150813_192230 20150813_192327 20150813_192744    DSC_1412 DSC_1433 DSC_1444 DSC_1448 DSC_1451 IMG_0041

IMG_0008 IMG_0028  IMG_0050 IMG_0091

As we were on our way out, we saw some young girls dressed in ornate silk gowns… we were then informed that you can rent imperial costumes based on designs from the Ming and Ching dynasties to be worn while touring through the gardens,

Maya wanted in. And we were happy to oblige.

She loved being dressed by the woman in the shop and walked around the gardens ever so carefully, knowing that she was wearing something very special.



20150813_194434 xIMG_0097DSC_1466  DSC_1474

IMG_0077 IMG_0076

It was truly a joy to spend the day at the Harbour with our little darling.

More to come,



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