Close Your Eyes and Rub Your Heart

After 10+ wonderful days together, my parents headed back to Los Angeles today.

DSC_2873pse DSC_2868 DSC_2854 DSC_2806

Don’t worry, I’ll revisit all of our adventures in blog form soon. Calm down. Sit… sit down. It’s going to be ok. Relax. No… don’t, don’t throw your computer on the floor. It’s not that big of a deal. I’m flattered that you were so looking forward to reading about what I did during my parents’ visit, but come on… this is just excessive.

There you go… deep breath in… deep breath out.

Anyway, as I was saying, their trip to Sydney came to an end today. It was hard on everyone to see them go. Since they had to leave early in the morning, they said their good-byes to Little Moo the evening before. They kissed her on the chest and said that when she misses them, she can rub her heart, where all their love is stored, and close her eyes and think of them.

It was a tearful goodbye to be sure.

Husband was up early to take my parents to the airport and I was up early to ensure I was ready before husband left to take my parents to the airport. I wanted to be  ready to go when The Moo decided to awaken from her slumber.

Though I was tired, I knew I could be looking at quite a tough day ahead… The Moo would be waking up without Grandma and Papa to greet her, plus it was raining and we would be sequestered inside… so, I braced myself as I heard, “Mommy… I’m awake… come and get me.”

I walked into my daughter’s room and was greeted with a huge smile. “I called for you and you came! Grandma and Papa had to go back to Long Beach. But I know they’re right here.” And she closed her eyes and rubbed her chest.

(Yes Mom… she did that… ok… ok, stop crying. Yes, I know they’re happy tears.)

When The Moo completed her moment “with” Grandma and Papa, I wrapped her in my arms and told her how much I loved her. And she squeezed me right back and told me the same.

The rest of the day, she was a shear joy. We pretended to be Snow White and the Prince (switching off roles and who would lie on the bed awaiting to be kissed). I believe we got married a grand total of 27 times.

We played with clay, dolls and a princess card matching game and she ate all meals without argument.

Well, there was this exchange over olives… but to get the full impact, we need to start earlier in the week:


THURSDAY: She ate 2 helpings of kalamata olives served at a restaurant

FRIDAY: I purchased a container of kalamata olives


ME: Moo, do you want olives with your lunch?

MOO: YUCK! Ew! Gross!

ME: *sigh* (eats some olives)

(just a few hours later)

ME: (Munching on a few olives)

MOO: Stop! Don’t eat those! Those are mine!
(She then proceeds to eat a dozen olives)

Oh fickle Moo… Olive You!


But breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks were all happily eaten without a negotiation of some kind.

She seemed to need some extra TLC today… but who wouldn’t want to listen to Waterfalls on repeat? (Ba-dum-bum-CHING)… and I was happy to dole out hugs and kisses when requested.

But whatever spell my parents put on my wonderful, yet extraordinarily strong willed, toddler the night before they left, I am ever so grateful.

Husband and I put The Moo to bed with a few extra songs. There was a bit of procrastination and needing to be held longer, but we happily obliged.

We eventually exited her room to the sounds of a torrential downpour. Thunder. Lightning. The works.

Usually this as our evening view of the city from our balcony:


But we saw THIS:

Where did the city go? We even thought there was a power outage downtown… there wasn’t. There was just THAT MUCH rain. We couldn’t see the city.

The thunder eventually grew louder and woke up The Little Moo. I went in to comfort my little SoCal girl who doesn’t know from thunder storms. She wanted Daddy to join us too and we sat for awhile, rubbing her back and telling her that everything was going to be ok.

After a few protests, we eventually exited her room and the storm had cleared and everything was ok.

And we know that even when there are days when we are bracing for those emotional storms… sometimes they’ll just pass right by, and other times we have to just ride out the torrential downpours. But we can always get through it because we have all of that love stored up in our hearts.

More to come,



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