The Importance of a Good Date Night

Husband, Little Moo and I are lucky enough to be in Sydney because of Husband’s job. The short short story is that he is here to train someone in Sydney to do what he does in Los Angeles.

While Husband is here, he is not only performing the training, he is also covering a majority of his work from Los Angeles. So, he ends up working late nights and a majority of weekends (because, Saturday here is still only Friday in LA.)

So, we end up spending a majority of our time “together” in Sydney… apart.

When Husband comes home from work, we have some dinner with The Moo. And once The Moo is asleep, he reports to his corner of the couch to respond to work emails and I report to the far corner of the dining room table to do some writing.

Occasionally, as mentioned in Sorry Not Sorry, we will watch a few scenes from a not so great movie before falling asleep some time between midnight and one in the morning.

With the arrival of my parents came the promise of a date night. My parents were excited to have an evening alone with Little Moo and we were excited to be out passed 9pm.

We were excited to share a meal that didn’t involve trying to convince a toddler not to hide under the table. A meal that didn’t warrant giving up my favorite pieces of food to that same toddler. A meal that didn’t need to be rushed through because aforementioned toddler is like a ticking time-bomb and when she’s done… everyone’s done. A meal… without a toddler.

We looked to Yelp for a suggestion of where to go and decided on Tapa Vino, a tapas and wine bar in The Rocks district.


It ended up being one of the best meals we’ve had to date. Maybe it was the glasses of wine and the fact that the food was pretty darn’ tasty. But I have to believe a large part of our opinion of the restaurant was that we were able to finally take a moment, look at one another and each realize, “I’m in Sydney, Frickin’ Australia with the person I love.”

IMG_0269 IMG_0272ps IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0275

It was really wonderful (and necessary) to have this chance to breathe, smile and remember our relationship. Our relationship beyond Father and Mother to Little Moo. Our relationship beyond schedules and communicating via email. Our relationship. Just our relationship.

Sure, we talked about The Moo over dinner. And yes, we discussed upcoming events that we needed to schedule and would end up doing so over email. But we were together. We were connecting. We were eating Jamón on a truffled tart.

After the delicious meal, we roamed around The Rocks district, taking in the city lit up at night.

 IMG_0311IMG_0290 IMG_0306 IMG_0316

I was realizing how much I missed Husband. Yes, we’re often together, but we’re not always there. I love it when we each hold The Moo’s hand and chant, “one, two, three… weeee,” as we swing her into the air, but I missed him reaching for my hand, or being able to nuzzle under his arm to keep warm. He’s always a wonderful guy; it was just importamt to connect. Just the two of us.

We traveled to Darlinghurst to the fantastic (and fantastically popular), Gelato Messina, where we each got a cone with a scoop of salted caramel and a daily special scoop of tres leches. It was a sweet ending to a perfectly sweet night.

IMG_0317 IMG_0318 IMG_0320

Thank you to my parents for allowing Husband and I to have this time together. And thank you to Husband for being you.

And no, the irony is not lost on me that I’m writing this from the dining room table as Husband works on the couch.

More to come,



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