Parental Arrival

As you already know, my parents are here. They left around 10PM Tuesday (PST) landed at 6AM Thursday (Australia Eastern Time), which was really 1PM Wednesday (PST)… but traveling here… they lost Wednesday. (It was all suspicious. Where was Wednesday? Where had I left Wednesday?) – For those who just think I’m crazy, that’s a tweak on a “When Harry Met Sally,” quote. C’mon. Get in the game!

Anyhoo… we decided to keep things simple and low key for the first day in Sydney. We all sat with The Moo while she had her peanut butter and jelly French Toast  breakfast…


… and then we went to explore The Tea Cup Park.


IMG_9949 IMG_9952 IMG_9954 IMG_9967

A little story time… or nap time. Depending who you are…


Later, I cooked dinner…

Chicken thighs stuffed with mozzarella, Parmesan, basil pesto, and sauteed garlic, wrapped in bacon,

Roasted brussel sprouts and apples

Crispy herbed polenta crisps


And my mom baked and transported sprinkled cookies that wrote out Little Moo’s (real) name… twice.

…Of course she did!

IMG_9963 IMG_9964

Twas a grand first day.

More to come,



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