A Tragedy in Burbank

Hello readers…

I usually like to keep this blog upbeat and fun and I will get back to that tone soon, I promise.

But I recently learned that a three-year-old little girl who took a Mommy and Me dance class with Little Moo and me has passed away after a terrible accident.

Here is the an article about what happened:


On top of everything else, the little girl’s mother is 6 months pregnant and her father has been battling brain cancer for the last three years.

While I did not know this little girl nor her family well, I couldn’t help but burst into tears upon hearing the news.

I have been emailing with a few other moms from the dance class about the tragedy and we are all just completely heartbroken.

Whatever G-d or deity you believe in, keep this family in your prayers. If you don’t pray, keep them in your thoughts. If you don’t think, well, this isn’t about you.

If you feel inclined, I am providing a link to the family’s You Caring page should you want to donate. They did not ask me to do this. They do not know that I am doing this.

I just felt I had to do this.

Maybe it’s because I cannot even attempt to comprehend what this family must be going through.

Maybe it’s out of guilt that I still have my daughter.

Maybe it’s because one of the pictures on the site is of this little girl in the same ballet costume as The Little Moo and more tears flowed.

But whatever it is, I just felt I could not write a “regular” blog today and I had to help in some small way.

I mourn for this little girl. I mourn for her family. I mourn for all who knew her. And I mourn for all those who have had to live with the loss of a child.



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