My Parents Are Coming! My Parents Are Coming!

My parents are currently (hopefully sleeping – it’s almost 1AM over here) on their 15 hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney as I type this.

The Moo is THRILLED about their arrival:

And this is how we all feel on the inside about their visit:

We’re literally exploding with excitement!

Yeah, it’s such a shame. Our peaceful evening was disrupted by those fireworks right outside our apartment window that overlooks the beautiful Sydney skyline.

(This was my first attempt at a humblebrag… did I do it right? Am I supposed to ask if I did it right after I do it?

I’m guessing, as with most things… the answer is no.)

It’s going to be great to spend time with them. show them around our neighborhood and eat and eat and eat. It’s what we do. It’s our family’s thing. Not that other families don’t eat. But everything we do revolves around what we are currently eating, how full we are or when we will eat next.

Not to mention we’ll be celebrating my mom’s birthday during your visit… we’re talking about a pretty special time here, folks.

So, get ready for more family posts!

And we know my parents have missed us too. (Let’s be honest… mostly Little Moo).


I’m an only child… so for a very long time it was quite literally ALL about me. Then, I got married and Husband got a brief window into my parents making it all about him. No longer were my parents concerned with what I might want to eat for dinner or where I might want to spend the day… it was all about Husband.

And now that Little Moo is in our lives, I’m way at the back of the pack. And honestly, that’s just fiiiine by me.

Now you may be wondering exactly how much DO they miss The Moo…

Well, before we even left, they have been sending her a card or postcard or both every day.

This is what our house is filled with…





Postcards of themselves…


Ya know… in case in the 3 months we’d be gone we suddenly forgot what they look like.

When one of our guests came over she asked, “Is it someone’s birthday?” No… just Tuesday… we get a lot of mail 🙂

You could say my parents are on the enthusiastic (crazy?) end of the spectrum… we’re a very passionate people.

(Even though we Skype pretty often.)

I’m definitely looking forward to having them here. But I’m already nervous about how everyone will react when it’s time to go.

More to come,



2 thoughts on “My Parents Are Coming! My Parents Are Coming!

  1. I loved every minute of it and know they can’t wait to squeeze Maya and be with you and Derek..Keep me posted..excited for all of you! Give Melody and Fred my love you all. Bama


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