The Moo’s Frozen Obsession Spans the Globe

I don’t know if it’s because Little Moo will be skipping summer this year and will instead have back-to-back winters, but almost every day is a Frozen day in our house. Usually she is Elsa and I am Anna… occasionally I’m Sven.

Yes, the reindeer.


It’s all a little strange, considering she has only seen the movie once. ONCE! And (I know… blasphemy…) I didn’t think it was THAT great. There were some fun songs…  I’ll give you that. But I wasn’t blown away. I didn’t get Frozen Fever. But man did Little Moo catch that bug.

When we’re not role playing (gross, not that kind… grow up!), she’s pretending the sisters are hanging around our house, or are sitting next to her on a swing or are making her breakfast. (I don’t even get credit for making her pancakes.)

And of course… she’s singing. Usually in her favorite chilly spot… (It IS Frozen after all)… by the heat exhaust on the patio.

More to come,



One thought on “The Moo’s Frozen Obsession Spans the Globe

  1. I thought we might miss the Frozen obsession since our daughter is only 2 but it is crazy with all their friends talking about it she was asking for it all time even before seeing the movie. The power of Frozen.


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