It Really IS a Small World After All

From the time before Little Moo was even a year old, I’ve been enrolling her in a variety of classes in Los Angeles to make her a well rounded individual and get us out of the house (especially in those earlier days when I didn’t know if i could do it).

IMG_6351 IMG_7832IMG_6880  IMG_5579IMG_2712IMG_6463IMG_6091IMG_7450IMG_4553

And we’ve already discussed the swim class she is taking here in Sydney.


One of the first classes Moo was ever enrolled in was a LadyBug Music class. She LOVED bopping along to the music. And putting on the class CD was like baby crack for a kiddo who would lose her mind every time she entered the car. The minute the Hello Song started, something switched on in her brain and she was lulled into her happy place.

The class was recommended to us by our friend Anne who was also a Ladybug teacher and whom I met through my Carnegie Mellon friend, Elisabeth. The first day I walked into the class and saw Clare, The Moo’s teacher, I recognized her immediately. She used to work at The Laugh Factory, a comedy club in Los Angeles where I was a regular. She was also married to fellow comic, Al Del Bene. That might feel small-worldy enough for you, right…?

But wait…! There’s more!

At the end of the Ladybug session we took with Clare, she told us that she would be heading back to Sydney, Australia (where she is originally from) with her family and that this would be her last session.

We were disappointed that The Moo’s beloved teacher would be leaving. but we continued with Ladybug for a few sessions after Clare’s departure.

Now, cut-to almost two years later and Husband, Moo and I are heading to Sydney… we search for a neighborhood to rent an apartment that is between Husband’s office and downtown Sydney and randomly select a place in Neutral Bay.

And guess what?

Clare has started a division of Ladybug Music in Sydney. And guess where one of the classes is located? Oh… just walking distance from our apartment. And we just so happen to arrive in time for the start of a new 8-week session with enough time here to complete it.

So let me lay this all out for you…

My junior year of high school, I applied to 17 (SEVENTEEN) different colleges. I had never heard of Carnegie Mellon before I started doing research. But by going there (selected because of national ranking, financial aid package and the fact that only one other person from my HS graduating class would be attending… Hi, Bryan :)) I decided this was the school for me.

But that decision lead me to take a playwriting class where I befriended Elisabeth. After graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and a year later, she moved there as well. Years later, Elisabeth introduced me to her childhood friend Anne who had also moved to LA. A few years after that, Anne told me about Ladybug where Moo’s teacher was Clare who I knew from The Laugh Factory and who was married to a fellow comic. Clare moved from LA to Sydney. Husband, Moo and I headed to Sydney for 3 months where we are again taking a Ladybug class with Clare, less than a 10 minute walk from an apartment we randomly found online.


The Moo is totally loving the class.

She also thinks she’s the teacher.

We’ve spent some time with Clare and Al and their adorable kids since our arrival and they have been so wonderful in helping us adjust.

Here are some pics from Many beach right by their house…

IMG_9251 IMG_9252IMG_9269 IMG_9272 IMG_9275 IMG_9277 IMG_9263IMG_9280 IMG_9282 IMG_9283 IMG_9286 IMG_9287 IMG_9288 IMG_9289 IMG_9290

Hi, Clare!

IMG_9294 IMG_9296 IMG_9298 IMG_9299 IMG_9300 IMG_9301 IMG_9302 IMG_9304 IMG_9305

However, when I invited them over, I was extraordinarily inhospitable. (Something I will not forgive myself for). I thought we were all going to walk over to the park upon their arrival, so I didn’t put out any food.

But the kids were having a fun time playing in our apartment, so we stayed in. But Istill  didn’t put out food!

They’re going to take away my Jewish-mother card!

I kept asking if anyone wanted anything. Al jokingly asked, “Do you have any bacon and eggs?” And I should have just made them.

A good host should always have something for people to nibble on. So Clare and Al… I’m sorry. And when you come back… snacks will be out and ready. And I will take orders for anything you have a hankering for.


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