It’s Difficult to Parent When You Don’t Have a Voice

No, this isn’t a post about how Husband doesn’t listen to me or I want my opinions to be heard (but who doesn’t?)… the title is quite literal.

As I mentioned in my recent post, “Sometimes You Just Have to Make Chicken Soup,” we’ve been dealing with some colds over here. And while I’m actually feeling much better, my voice has decided that being in Sydney isn’t enough of a getaway and packed up and fled into the night. So I awoke this morning barely able to whisper.

(You might need to raise the volume on this vid)

The Moo and I had a busy day ahead of us including a trip to a swim class.

I don’t know when you last took a visit to a large indoor public pool, but it might be one of the noisiest places on the planet. To have your voice heard above the echo-y acoustics, splashing and chatter on a regular day can be quite a challenge. But trying to keep the Moo safe whilst having hardly an ability to speak was damn near impossible.

When Moo took some time in a super shallow wading pool before class, my disciplining tactics included more staccato clapping and stern looks than normal.

image image image image

She did try to ignore my squeaks, but you just can’t ignore a mom who is flailing wildly while shrieking, “HEY!”

It kind of looked like I was drowning out of water.

We then moved on to her class where she did really well. Though we need to work on her listening skills when the teacher asks her to sit on her, “bottom,” and we might need some practice with the goggles which she yanked off half-way through the lesson.

image image image imageimage image image

After class, we met Husband for lunch where The Moo pretty much mastered the use of chopsticks.


(ok, she did it a few times, but she’s well on her way to mastery)

And while my celebratory, “Yay,” squawk didn’t properly express my pride, I was still happy to witness the event.

Later in the evening, we headed out to dinner at Via Napoli Pizzeria in Lane Cove. It’s a restaurant with award winning pizza where, ironically, we did not order pizza.

Ok… yes, we ordered their garlic bread which was made on pizza crust… Lay off! Are you keeping score!?!?


Anyway, the Moo requested spaghetti, Husband wanted gnocchi and I felt like grilled octopus.

image image imageimageimage 

Little Moo… a girl whose dietary taste just can’t be tied down… a girl who spit out mac and cheese, but is known to gnaw on a good beef rib… a girl who has turned down a cheeseburger but ate over a dozen soup dumplings in one sitting… is a girl who refused to taste the gnocchi but ate a pile of octopus. She particularly liked the “spikey” pieces.

Oh and by the way… this restaurant was anything but quiet. I grumbled my requests to the super sweet, enthusiastic and wonderful waitstaff who I’m pretty sure thought my voice was sending out more of an attitude than I was intending.

And when I tried to tell The Moo not to use Husband as a napkin for her tomato sauced face, my voice finally went totally inaudible and now we are doing an unscheduled round of laundry.

So all I can do is hope that tomorrow will bring more adventures and a few extra vocal decibels.


3 thoughts on “It’s Difficult to Parent When You Don’t Have a Voice

  1. What a wonderful adventurous day! By the way, “the look” can work wonders…I don’t know many toddlers who are as adventurous in their ability to try new foods…most stick with pb&j or Mac ‘n cheese. Maya has been introduced to so many new tastes from you and your parents…love it! Pray your singing voice returns soon. Love you all.

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  2. Yes, the look works sometimes. Though we are already getting talk-back. When we say, “Moo, if you keep doing X (something she shouldn’t be doing), you’re not going to be allowed to do Y (something she really wants).” And she’s say, “That’s fine. I don’t want Y.” xo


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