I Did a Bad Bad Thing (PART I)


***No, this picture was not taken in the midst of the matter at hand***

It’s been more than two years since we sleep-trained a then, 6-month-old, even Littler Moo.

Before I continue… If you are someone who hates the concept of sleep-training, thinks crying-it-out is torture or anything of that nature, you absolutely have the right to your opinion. And I, in no way, judge you for how you choose raise your children. However, if upon reading my first sentence you wish to project your judgment on me and how I raise MY child… Frankly, I don’t want to hear from you. And since this is my blog… sorry not sorry.

– And no, sleep training is not the “bad bad thing,” mentioned in the title.

Ok, with that disclaimer out of the way, I shall continue with my post…

Since we sleep-trained our Little Moo, she has successfully slept through the night. Sure, a few hiccups like puking have kept her up, but for the most part, she’s been a great sleeper. 

As I mentioned in last week’s post, Sometimes You Just Have To Make Chicken Soup, The Moo and I had been a bit under the weather, but we are on the mend.

And this past Saturday (Aussie time), Husband and I pushed Little Moo beyond her nap time by two hours. 

 – Nope, we’re still not at the “bad bad thing.”

Little Moo has been reasonably adaptable to having her nap pushed a half an hour, maybe a full hour, and our intention was not to push her beyond that. However, we were out, she seemed happy, and we just plain lost track of time. Sure, we should have been more cognizant of the time considering she was not 100% back to her healthy self. Well, you can just pile this onto the ever growing list of things I feel guilty about regarding raising my daughter. Feel free to place it somewhere between the guilt I STILL feel for throwing my baby down the stairs and the guilt I feel for not being fluent in another language so my child can be bilingual.

Anyway, by the time nap time rolled around, Little Moo was acting out, throwing tantrums like they were singles at a strip club (that’s a weird analogy) and she just couldn’t settle down to go to sleep. We held her, comforted her, and once she calmed, we gently placed her into her crib and closed her bedroom door. After about a minute, the wails began. They didn’t stop. This was very unusual. 

I went in to find out what was wrong even though I knew. It was two hours past her nap time.

She wanted to be held. She wanted… she needed… she screamed for Mommy.

I knew that if she didn’t get her nap in now she wouldn’t nap. Not that she hasn’t missed a nap before, but she was so worked up, overtired and exhausted, I knew she needed one.

She pleaded to take a nap in my bed.

This is something I NEVER do. I LOVE to snuggle with my Little Moo. I love when she cuddles up to me as I read her stories, but Husband and I made a decision a long time ago not to allow our daughter to sleep in the bed with us. We didn’t want to start a tough habit to break.

But, before I knew it, there I was, yup… doing a BAD BAD THING!

I brought The Moo into my bed for a Mommy/Daughter nap. Well, really a daughter nap where Mommy had about an inch of bed space and constantly made sure the blanket wasn’t covering daughter’s face.

“We” slept for about an hour and The Moo woke up feeling refreshed and ready to continue on with the day.

I rationalized my decision by telling myself that she needed this nap. She was still under the weather and this was an exception to our normal rule. But of course, I worried (over analyzed, panicked, and stressed) about the precedent I had set and hoped there wasn’t a nighttime request for sleeping in Mommy’s bed headed my way.

There wasn’t. She went to bed as normal. And that continued through nap time and bed time for the next few days. 

Sometimes you just need your Mommy.

Phew… we were in the clear. 

Well, that was until tonight…



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