Parental Arrival

As you already know, my parents are here. They left around 10PM Tuesday (PST) landed at 6AM Thursday (Australia Eastern Time), which was really 1PM Wednesday (PST)… but traveling here… they lost Wednesday. (It was all suspicious. Where was Wednesday? Where had I left Wednesday?) – For those who just think I’m crazy, that’s a tweak … More Parental Arrival

My Parents Are Coming! My Parents Are Coming!

My parents are currently (hopefully sleeping – it’s almost 1AM over here) on their 15 hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney as I type this. The Moo is THRILLED about their arrival: And this is how we all feel on the inside about their visit: We’re literally exploding with excitement! Yeah, it’s such a shame. Our … More My Parents Are Coming! My Parents Are Coming!

Sorry Not Sorry

When I first started this blog, I thought I could continually write a post daily… that quickly turned into Mission Impossible. I’m only able to write after The Moo goes to bed (which is after 8:30PM), not to mention due to a slow internet connection, it takes over an hour just to upload images and/or videos. … More Sorry Not Sorry