YES! Parking That Doesn’t Involve a Car

Upon reading these blogs, you know that driving here in Sydney has been a bit of a challenge

So, I was SUPER excited to learn that here in Neutral Bay, there is a park a 20-minute walk away (which we have now dubbed the “tea-cup park” since it has a spinning tea-cup ride in the middle.

image image

There is also a park a 5-minutes walk away which we have called “the close park” for obvious reasons (and I call “we can go to this when it looks like it might rain because I can carry The Moo home quickly park” – but I don’t say it aloud too often.). AND there’s an indoor playground that’s about a 10 minute-walk. That’s just “the indoor playground.” But it’s also the, “it just rained so it’s too wet to go to an outdoor park, but it’s not currently raining and it’s before 4pm (when this play area inexplicably closes), let’s go here park.”

I’ve had fantastical images of meeting up with mums who have children around the same age as The Moo, instantly bonding and having Little Moo make international friends for life with whom she becomes pen-pals (is that even still a THING) and they are in one another’s weddings. Or maybe her future husband (or wife… Love is Love) would be found at the park!

Alas, our journeys to the park haven’t ended with the exchange or cell numbers or email addresses, but never fear… we’re still making plenty of friends here in Sydney and The Moo is having herself a BLAST!

IMG_8710 IMG_8709 IMG_8708IMG_8662IMG_8528IMG_8527IMG_8526IMG_8525IMG_8524IMG_8523IMG_8522IMG_8516IMG_8515IMG_8484IMG_8482IMG_8481IMG_8480IMG_8476


IMG_8440 image

More to come,



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