A Poem For Little Moo

Some days you go along for a drive around the city.

Some days you check out a museum in the hopes of seeing something pretty.

Some days you meet up with friends and want to laugh and play.

Some days you play tourist for a truly lovely day.

Some days you cry because you’re tired, or want your socks higher, or you can’t quite see the moon.

Some days I do my best to comfort you and others my frustration comes out too soon.

Some days you like to be funny and sing a silly song.

Some days you Skype with family and ask them to sing along.

And then there are days you just feel like pretending that the curtains are a veil so that you can “be a bride.”

IMG_9178 IMG_9182 IMG_9181 IMG_9180 IMG_9179

And you snuggle on the couch, with your mommy by your side.


I’m so proud to be your mommy, each and every day.

I love seeing every side of you and hearing all of the funny things you say.



The Little Moo’s Mommy

More to come.


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