Little Moo in Da House (The Opera House)

Before arriving in Sydney, the two main landmarks I knew were:

The Sydney Bridge



The Sydney Opera House.


So naturally, on our list of “must-dos” in Sydney was to take a tour of The Opera House. However, we knew that most of our time here would be at a 2 1/2 year old’s pace. And what toddler wants to sit through an hour-long tour?

That was my thinking until I realized that there was a special Junior Tour. They were only being given within the first few weeks of our arrival since there were school holidays happening and the city is very accommodating to entertaining the kiddos on break.

Tickets were purchased!

We arrived to The Opera House early enough for Little Moo to run up The Opera House steps and to snag a family photo.

IMG_8570 IMG_8578ps

I’d love to say that being early was completely intentional, but we were really just leaving ourselves plenty of time to get lost.

Thankfully, we (and our finicky GPS) navigated perfectly.


The tour was lead by a wonderfully energetic woman named Anna who amazingly memorized all of the children’s names. At 2 1/2, The Moo was by far the youngest by at least 3 years, but Anna kept her interest.

IMG_8617 IMG_8616IMG_8587

There was an animated video about the creation of The Opera House which held Little Moo’s attention. And as a way to remember the name of the building’s architect, Jørn Utzon, Anna gave the kids the mnemonic device of thinking of him as “Yawn, Boots on.” Let me tell you, Little Moo, Husband and myself haven’t forgotten his name. And I bet you won’t either.

Then it was time for Little Moo’s (and our) favorite part of the day… it was time for DRESS UP!

IMG_8612psIMG_8611psIMG_8609psIMG_8608psIMG_8599 - Copyps

The kids got to check out some samples of the types of costumes that are worn in performances at the house. And our princess ballerina could have taken the stage right then.

(No, we’re not biased)


And sure, there were a few actual costumes on display…


…but I still say The Moo looked better than the mannequins.

We were able to look in a few of the theaters, but since there were sets on stage, or in the case of The Concert Hall, there was an orchestra rehearsal, photos were prohibited.

We did get to snap a few pics of the Northern Foyers…

IMG_8615 IMG_8614

A funky upward reflection of The Harbour Bridge…


And details in the architecture…

IMG_8619 IMG_8618

At the end of the tour, The Moo (and the other kids too) was given a special pin and certificate confirming she was a Junior Tour Guide Expert.



IMG_8629 IMG_8628 IMG_8627

And hey, if a 2 1/2 year old can remember the name of the architect of The Sydney Opera House, I would definitely call her an expert.

Quick… what was his name?

You’re welcome!

By the way… a rundown of the joint + an animated movie + dress up… The Junior Tour was just MY speed too.

More to come,



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