Our First Guests

When Husband, Little Moo and I attended a 4th of July party here in Sydney, we were happy to come away with a few people to keep in touch with.

I love The Moo to the moon, and the stars and the sun and back again, but it can get awfully lonely awfully fast if Mama doesn’t have a steady stream of adult interaction.

And we were overjoyed that Maddie from Massachusetts and her adorable 8 month old, Emma (or as The Moo calls her, “Baby Emma”) wanted to come over for a playdate one afternoon.

I immediately went into food-planning-mode. Let’s be honest, food-planning-mode is really just my perpetual state of being. I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to cook and/or eat next.

Figuring our playdate time of 4-5:30 was a little late for lunch and too early for dinner, I opted to just have some simple snacks on hand that could be baby, toddler and adult-friendly. (I asked about allergies ahead of time and got the “all-clear.”)

Cheeses and crackers…




Hummus and veggies (which seemed to be a huge hit with Baby Emma especially. If a baby’s face is fully covered and she’s still smiling, I’d call it a success).


And I put out cookies and homemade peanut butter balls…


The Moo had fun trying to make Baby Emma laugh…


Well… until Baby Emma cried…


And the mums had a great time talking like adults.

All in all, it was great kid/Mommy playdate.

More to come,

(More posts and hopefully more playdates)



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