We’re on a Boat


Here in Sydney, there are ferries EVERYWHERE! Well, not like you open the fridge and OOF! you bump into a ferry, but they can transport you all around the city.

I thought it would be SO much fun to take Little Moo on a boat ride. We didn’t need to go far, or even have a destination. I just figured we’d hop on the boat, hop off, and take it back. Yay toddler activity! A Toddler Tivity if you will. (Patent Pending ;))

I plugged the Neutral Bay Wharf stop into the GPS on my phone and headed out on about a 15 minute walk downhill. It started by descending a nearby staircase from our street down to another below.

There were some turns, but it was all down, down down. I continually thought… ummm, yeah, we’re going to have to back up, up, up.

But, no matter… we continued on our adventure!

The Moo stopped just about every ten seconds or so to pick up a new stick, or check out some leaves. I then thought… hmm, perhaps I should have taken the stroller.

But, we were half way there now, ONWARD!

We arrived at the wharf and a ferry was set to arrive in about ten minutes. While we waited, the Moo chased a little puppy named Lori. I’m actually not sure who was chasing whom, but everyone was having fun.

The boat arrived and we hopped aboard.


The Moo was so excited to look out the window.


I checked my phone to find out where we were headed…. BLANK SCREEN. Maybe it turned off. I attempted to turn my phone back on… BLANK SCREEN.

I was off at sea without a clue where I was headed and no idea how to get back home other than, “UP.”

Now, it should be noted that I have a notoriously TERRIBLE sense of direction. I usually can only get some place from my house. I can go from my house to point A. And my house to point B. But if I need to go from A to B… there will probably be a detour to my house.

Yup, this is another story where I get lost.

I didn’t let on that to the Moo I had not idea where we were headed and when we’d be back. Hoping. Praying… that we’d make it home for nap time.

We went two stops and decided to get off. Well, I decided. I’m sure the Moo would have stayed on all day. When we got off at Kirribilli, there was a little cafe. I tried to talk to one of the employees:

ME: When could we head back to Neutral Bay?

EMPLOYEE: That was just the boat from Neutral Bay.

ME: Right. I know. I was on it. But I assume there will be another boat that heads back in the other direction.

EMPLOYEE: What direction?

ME: The direction of Neutral Bay.

EMPLOYEE: You just came from Neutral Bay.

ME: Yes, and I want to go back.

EMPLOYEE: Oh yeah, there’ll be another boat.

ME: Yes, when will it be here?

EMPLOYEE: Oh, I can’t say.

So… we waited. I sang songs with the Moo, hiding my panic and hoping that the boat would arrive soon. Because the sooner we got back, the more time I’d have to get home before Nap Time Crankappotomus reared her nasty head.

After about fifteen minutes, the boat arrived, facing the opposite direction from which we had arrived.I reconfirmed that this boat would in fact that us Neutral Bay. And we were off.


We disembarked at our original wharf and I took the Moo’s hand and headed… up… and up… and up. Then the pleading started. “Pllleeeaaassse can I have a banana!”

YES! I had a banana on hand. But only one. I needed to make it last.

“I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

“NoooOOOOoooo, banana,” the Moo whined.

I got her to agree to having the banana once we reached the top of the street. Then it was decision time. Do I make a right or a left. I tried to picture what I had done on my journey down. I made a choice. As we continued, I realize it was the RIGHT choice. PHEW.

We continued walking and the Moo continued whining. I couldn’t blame her. It was a long trek up.

And then it happened.


I knew it was coming. I just didn’t know it was coming so soon.

I then pointed to a patch of dry leaves up ahead. “Those look like some good crunch leaves to me. Let’s go!”

And we ran. We ran up to stomp on the dried leaves. We then ran to the next half a dozen batches to keep the Moo’s momentum going.

Then, I came to another turn. Left? Right? I didn’t know. I chose… poorly.

CRAP! The next half hour was a sweaty uphill, backtracking-brimming, whining-filled (from both The Moo and Me) blur.

I remember finding a staircase which I thought would lead up home, but instead sent us into someone’s backyard.

I headed back down the staircase.

I felt like I was trapped in an M.C. Escher original.

I carried The Moo as long as I could. We went up and down a street twice. I went upways and backways and sideways until I came to another staircase. We ventured up. At the top, we saw the Tennis Club that was just down the street from our apartment. I thought I would cry. I might have. My face was so wet and salt filled with sweat that I don’t know if I would have known the difference.

We made our way back into our Sydney home, and both got ready for a much needed (if much delayed) nap.

I now never leave the house without my portable charger.

But seriously… what kind of cell phone loses its battery in just a few hours?!?!

More to come,

(provided I don’t get completely lost)



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