The Wheels on the Bus Go… To Brunch

After celebrating the 4th of July (in Sydney, which was July 3rd in the states… It’s very confusing and we probably won’t figure it out until it’s time to head back) with the lovely Cristin and her daughter, Alice, we wanted to see them again.

So, since Cristin thankfully hadn’t grown too sick of Little Moo and me (yet 🙂 ), she told us about a brunch place she liked that has yummy food (score!) and had a play area for the kiddies (double score!)

She helped with directions on the bus and we took the 257 towards Chatswood from Neutral Bay to Naremburn.


Now, Los Angeles isn’t exactly a “bus city…” I mean, I drive to the supermarket that’s around the corner. So, the last time I took a bus on a regular basis was in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University (which of course was only 5 years ago since I’m totally still in my twenties.)

So, I was a bit nervous about riding the bus. The one we were taking only came every half hour. What if we missed our bus? What if we passed our stop? What if I fell asleep? What if aliens came and forced us to drive to a rugby match. Oh, you didn’t know?  Yeah, aliens LOVE rugby.

On the schedule we had, it showed that there were only two stops between our starting and ending points. Great! I can handle two stops. I could count to two and make sure we didn’t miss it!

We walked ten minutes to the bus stop and I rolled Moo’s stroller aboard the 257.


I locked the stroller in place and the Moo hopped out so we could sit in seats to look out the window. After two stops passed, I noticed that we were not, in fact, in Naremburn… I talked to the driver and it seemed we still had about 8 stops to go, but he promised to tell us when to get off.


How does everyone else know about these secret stops?

We got off the bus at our proper stop and there were Cristin and Alice waiting for us.

We walked into Sprout (not to be confused with the SoCal market of the same name), and we sat, overlooking the play area. There was a space to run and a little wooden house to play in. This is GENIUS! We were able to eat and not feel rushed because the kiddies were getting restless.


We ordered babycinnos for the kids, which is foamed milk and apparently a very big thing out here. Little Moo has had “foamy milk” at Grandma and Papa’s many times before, so she fit right in.

Moo ate scrambled eggs…


(even though she had already had 2 over-hard eggs and a bowl of cereal at home…

Look… here she is eating them)


…and I had the incredibly delicious Super Green Toast (avocado, goat’s curd, sprout super green pesto and fresh lime on two slices of sourdough toast) with a poached egg. I thought anything with goat’s curd sounded very “cultural” and I’d eat anything with avocado and pesto.


It was definitely some tasty goodness!

Much to our enjoyment, the kids played nicely outside.


And a bit to our dismay, they munched on the fresh herbs in the fenced in garden.

After mealtime and playtime came to an end, Little Moo and I made our way back to the bus stop and rolled aboard.

With a new found confidence from a successful bus ride to our destination, I felt self-assured that we would make it home just fine.

HA! Who am I kidding? Of course I immediately asked the bus driver to alert us when we got to Neutral Bay and nervously looked around at each stop to ensure I hadn’t missed it.

But we made it back safe and sound (and by sound I mean Moo was screaming because it was a bit passed nap time and she was ready for bed).

More to come,



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