Get LOST! Then, Let There Be Light

A few days ago, Husband, Little Moo and I ventured downtown to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art‘s (MCA) Light Show. A special exhibit exploring… you guessed it…LIGHT. The more we drive in Sydney, the more we are realizing it is actually more challenging to navigate than to drive on the opposite side of the road.  And our trip to MCA was no exception to this rule.

We listened as the GPS informed us to turn down roads that did not exist, or would fall silent in our times of need, but we eventually found the museum. We promptly passed right by it, navigated around another twenty minutes and could not find it again. It was our “Big Ben, Parliament,” moment.

Eventually, we made our way close to the museum and found a parking garage. We headed in. After unloading Little Moo, and getting her settled into her stroller, we headed to the elevator. The elevator was oddly up a number of stairs. We took Little Moo out of said stroller and Husband carried the stroller up the stairs. As we approached the elevator, we noticed there was a pin pad. We ignored it and pressed the “up” button, after which we were told to enter our pin. Ummm? We don’t want the elevator to give us money, we just want it to “elevate” us. Realizing that staring at the elevator and entering random numbers wasn’t getting us anywhere. (Pushing zero did not, in fact, get us an operator), we circled around to the security desk we passed upon our entry.

I asked the pair of security guards how we could go about getting up to the street level via the elevator and was told that we can’t. One of the gentlemen behind a bevy of garage surveillance monitors seemed surprised to see me standing there as he informed me that the garage was closed. Even though we entered, pulled a ticket and found a parking spot, the garage was closed and we had 15 minutes from the time we entered to leave or we would be charged $89.


We didn’t ask any more questions as we rushed ourselves back to our car and sped out. Luckily, we found some street parking where we were happy to pay nine dollars instead of EIGHTY-nine dollars.

We entered the MCA and headed for the Light Lab which was adjacent to the Light Show and was specifically geared towards children. The Moo had a great time coloring under a black light… image image image image image image image

That’s right, a Little Moo original was hung in the Museum of Contemporary Art. (We will start the bidding at one billion stickers)


We then headed into a room where different stripes of varying colored moved across a wall. Twas fun! image  image image imageimage  image image image image  image image  image image image image image

Next, we were off to the exhibit where photography was prohibited. It was pretty cool. One room had orange spotlights and smoke displayed so that they formed a 3D seven pointed star. Another room was a bit of a maze with different colors. And if you stared at one wall, I swear you could see to infinity. Then there was Maya’s favorite room where there was a lasered circle and smoke that formed in such a way that it looked like a solid tunnel. Pretty cool stuff. We then headed outside, right by Circular Quay (which apparently is pronounce “key”) to check out the AWESOME view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

image  image image  We headed back to our car and arrived home for nap time. Thankfully, the return trip was uneventful. More to come, Jessica

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