Teen Boys’ Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny…

I’m in a book again!


No, not like, “Help, I’m in a book and I need you to get me out.”

(That would have to be quite a gigantic book. Plus,what kind of dunce would I have to be to not only get stuck in a book once, but multiple times warranting me saying “again?”)

I mean, I’ve been published again!

I have FIVE monologues included in the Teen Boys’ Monologues That Are Actually Funny compilation. I am proud to have my work alongside so many talented writers including our amazing editor, Latin Grammy and Emmy Award winner, Alisha Gaddis. But I am ESPECIALLY excited to be a part of a book that includes a monologue from my hilarious cousin-in-law, off-Broadway star and comedian, Josh Hyman, as well the multi-talented, always makes me laugh, star of our house, HUSBAND who has TWO monologues included in the book.

If Little Moo grows up without a sense of humor, we’ve definitely done something wrong.

You can purchase the book on Amazon or a brick and mortar shop near you!

If you are looking for audition pieces for middle school-college aged boys this is THE book to buy!

And fear not, there’s one for Teen Girls due out soon. And we’re in the process of submitting for the compilation for Kids.

This book joins my other published works included in:



(Don’t worry there will be more pics of Little Moo up soon 😉

More to come,



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