Ferris Wheels, Crazy Clowns and a DANCE PARTY!

One of the first activities (beyond grocery shopping and going to Target, which isn’t really Target, but is kinda like Target, but… isn’t) we did with Little Moo was head over to Luna Park (not to be confused with the LA restaurant Luna Park… sadly, there were no make-your-own s’mores at the amusement park).

First… a little history….

The park was originally built in 1935, but closed in mid-1979 after the Sydney Ghost Train fire. It then reopened shortly after but closed in 1988 when the park failed a whole bunch of safety inspections (oopsies). It then reopened in 1995, closed again, redeveloped and reopened in 2004 and has been operating smoothly ever since.

The (pretty creepy) face at the entrance was based on the faces at Luna Park, Melbourne and the faces at Steeplechase in Coney Island.


And now for what will become part of our personal history…

We arrived at Luna Park around 3pm on quite a blustery day. But windy or not, Little Moo was ready for adventure. She wanted to head straight for the Ferris Wheel. We paid $30 (Australian Dollars) for her entry and $30 for Husband’s. It didn’t really seem worth it to have both of us pay since the rides the Moo could go on were limited and they said even without a wristband, I could take Little Moo on the Merry-Go-Round which ended up being one of the 3 rides we went on.


FullSizeRender (15)

First stop: FERRIS WHEEL!

IMG_8287IMG_8278            IMG_8268


Not a bad view from the top!


IMG_8312   FullSizeRender (10)


Then, just before 5pm, a parade of kooky characters lead park attendants to the center of the square where everyone was invited to write their name on a piece of paper to be entered into a drawing to light up the park…


The Moo didn’t win.


But she loved hanging with this clown. (The kid’s not scared of clowns… but the guys on stilts? She wouldn’t go near them with a ten foot… well… stilt.)


Next, it was off to the giant slide with Daddy.

They’re in the right lane.

Afterwards she said, “That was scary. That was scary. That was scary…”  

FullSizeRender (14)

…She then went two more times.


Then, it was time to do some fishing… She wasn’t a fan of following directions…

FullSizeRender (13)

…But she did win her first midway prize! She may have seemed pretty blasé about her fishy in the video, but she was completely obsessed with him for the rest of the day.


Her final ride was the Merry-Go-Ride where she yelled, “Again! Again! Again!” And so, of course we took another spin.


And what adventure would be complete without a dance party?

FullSizeRender (11)

All in all, I’d say it was a successful day at the park.

More to come,



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