Saddest Moo With the Happiest Cookie

It’s been a bit tough for The Little Moo to adjust to the new time zone and location and weather and people.

She’s woken up WAY too early in the morning and then wants to go to go to sleep WAY too early in the night.

On our way to run errands, The Moo fell asleep in the car and she was none too pleased to be awoken. There were yelps and screams I’m almost positive could be heard back in the states.

But we want to get her on a decent schedule. So, as a way to encourage her awake, we enticed her with a cookie. The happiest cookie we ever did see went to the saddest baby we ever did hear.


Parents of the year, right?

Do we always resort to sugary treats as a way to make our Moo happy? No. But we were dealing with extenuating, 17-hour time difference, no one wants to wake up at 4:30 in the morning circumstances.

And it helped. She perked up.

Sure, she reverted back to being a crankapotomus throughout the day. Crying that she wanted to keep the knots in her hair and refusing to let us brush them out. Screaming because she wanted to, simultaneously, be in her stroller and walk along side it.

Ya know… being a 2 year old.

Visiting with books courtesy of her grandparents certainly helped get her into a good mood.
IMG_8235 IMG_8236

But never fear, eventually Daddy found her smile.


More to come,



2 thoughts on “Saddest Moo With the Happiest Cookie

  1. Aw. Poor little pumpkin. You are so brave to travel halfway around the world with a 2 year old. Much braver than I. I can’t wait to follow your Aussie adventures! I have a really good friend in Sydney–and his sister has a 2 yr old and a newborn if you’re looking for mama/toddler friends.

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    1. It’s been a tough transition, Janet, but we just couldn’t pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel here. We’re hoping she can get back to herself in a few days.

      And yes, definitely looking for mama/toddler friends. Please introduce us (email/FB, etc.)


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