Room (Well, Apartment) With a View

If you’ve ever rented a place to live site unseen, you might know there are nerves involved.

Sure, when you stay at a hotel for the first time, there is always a chance there will be a rat living in your pillow or the water will be a sludgy green, but you read reviews and check out forums and hope, pray and cross your fingers that all with go well.

We booked our home for the next 3 months through Airbnb… a reputable site that I had never used. Sure, there were a few pictures posted with the listing we chose in Neutral Bay, AU, (equidistant between Husband’s office and downtown), but there was always a looming feeling that we could end up with a rat living in our pillow and the water would be sludgy green.

And as much fun as I would have writing a review of such a terrible establishment with such comments as, “You WON’T be green with envy when you check out this place,” or “Oh RATS… what a dump,” but alas dear readers, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this place is great.

Sure, it would be great if it had central heating, (it IS winter after all) and yes, when we blew a fuse we had to wake up our elderly neighbor who came over in her housecoat, but  she was very sweet and we made a new friend.

So, all things considered… I think we’ll be happy here.

More to come…


The Foyer
The Moo’s Room (pack ‘n play not yet set up)
Living Room
Guest Bath
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Laundry Room
Laundry Room
The Moo and Her Daddy
Master Patio
Patio off the Master
Master Bath
Master En Suite Bathroom
There 3rd bedroom (AKA My parents’ bedroom for when they come to visit)
That VIEW at night

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