All Night Long


After a delicious dinner at my parents’ place, they drove us to the

airport for our 10:20PM flight and surprisingly didn’t sneak into our

We checked in at the Virgin Australia counter and asked how crowded the
flight was. When we were told that it wasn’t, I asked if we could get
an updgrade. “Yes, ” said that agent, “For $5000…”

He really could have just said no. It would have hurt less.

But since the flight wasn’t full, he did change our seats so that I had
a window seat, Maya had an aisle, our middle was free and Derek could
take the aisle in the middle section. This way we could spread out.

We made it through security without incident and Little Moo (who was up
passed her bedtime) ran around the terminal, checked out the planes
and danced.

We boarded the flight early, arranged and rearranged our carry-ons and
settled in. And, as luck would have it, Derek’s extra aisle seat, turned into an extra row.

So for the 3 of us, we had 6 seats to work with. And after a bit of
restlessness, Little Moo was ready to close her eyes just under 3 hours
into our 15 hour journey. The 6 seat count turned into
1 seat for Jessica
2 seats for Moo
3 seats for Husband.

In Husband’s defense, he did offer to switch, but Moo would have none it.

Our hours of sleep was pretty much directly proportional to the amount of seats we were alloted.

But all things considered, while I only slept 3 hours, I was over the
moon that Moo slept for 8!

The flight was decent. Certainly, the extra seats helped. The food was your typical airplane food fare… watery pasta, watery yet dried out eggs and a lack of french toast as they ran out before they got to our seats. But the crew was pleasant and the 15 hours practically “flew” by… practically.

In preparation for the long journey, I packed a ton of food… Cheerios, Goldfish, the meat cut from a whole chicken, cheese sticks, cheese wheels, tortellini, wheat thins, peanut butter and jelly sandiches, turkey and cheese bagel sandwiches, French toast, apple sauce, apple chips, grapes, carrots and fruit gummies.

We ate NONE of it.

When we were filling out our forms to enter Autralia it said we’d need to declare any meat, dairy, fruit or veggies… so a large majority of the food stayed on the plane. But if leaving that food as a sacrafice for the flight g-ds is what I needed to do to ensure my child slept… it was worth it!

More to come!



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