I Come From a Land Down Under…

I do not actually come from a land down under. I come from Long Island, NY. Or do I say I come from Los Angeles, CA? I’ve been living in LA for 14 years. I got married in LA. I had my now 2 1/2-year-old daughter (who I will refer to as Little Moo) in LA. So maybe….

Nah, I come from NY.

Anyway, I will be heading to the land down under very soon!

I will be taking a 15 hour plane ride from LAX with the aforementioned husband and Little Moo in T-minus 80 hours and 32 minutes as we fly… and fly… and fly (and maybe sleep? Please oh please, Little Moo, let me sleep)… and fly, all the way to Sydney, Australia!



(Wouldn’t it be nice if we could travel by map?)

We are embarking on a 3 MONTH Awesome Aussie Adventure.

(Oh crap… we’re down to 80 hours and 30 minutes. It took me a while to figure out how to add the map)

See, Husband was asked to head down under for work to train someone to do what he does (in simplest terms… he works in theatrical dubbing) in their Australia office.

Yes, I am excited.

Yes, my to-do lists still have to-lists.

Yes, I have added items onto my to-do list that I have already accomplished just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off said to-do list.

Yes, I had one huge panic attack.

Yes, I’m much better now, thank you for asking.

Yes, I’m terrified of flying with a toddler for 15 hours!

Yes, you’ll be able to read all about our adventures right HERE!


Ok, I’ve gotta go add then cross-out “write blog,” to my to-do list!


G’day (or whatever the g’day equivalent is for goodbye) mates,



2 thoughts on “I Come From a Land Down Under…

  1. Congratulations! AU is EXPENSIVE so it’s awesome you get to go there for work!
    If you can swing a trip to Melbourne, head down to mornington peninsula hot springs (go early in the day) and also to the penguins at the end of the peninsula (around sunset).

    In Sydney area, be sure to visit the koala sanctuary and see some koalas up close.

    There are also places you can feed kangaroos in the wild, but you’ll want to team up with locals for this, to go to a place where lots of people do it and the kangaroos are very domesticated. There’s a mental hospital north of Sydney a ways that’s very poplar for this and the roos are friendly.

    And if you get a chance, head way north to the warm tropics.


    1. Thank you so much, Wendy!
      We’re really excited.
      If you think about it… this is all possible because of you. We are going through Derek’s work and you helped get him the job many moons ago… so, thank YOU!


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